Understanding customer banking device usage & preference today, to create better digital experiences tomorrow


ANZ wanted to understand consumers’ experiences and expectations when it comes to using their banking app and online services. In particular ANZ wanted to understand digital security and how best to develop their digital offering to meet consumers’ needs.


Engaging existing ANZ customers as well as those using other banks’ services, we were able to unearth where ANZ were delivering as well as where there were gaps in the market to innovate and develop new products. Given that security is intangible but yet an integral part of the banking experience, we explored reactions to a range of different ideas purposed by ANZ. Not only does the user experience need to be easy and verifiably secure, it is incredibly hard to differentiate on technology advancements alone given there is a lot of change in the category. Instead it is a case of showing and communicating how technology places their customers in control, creating a new dynamic in the consumer-bank relationship.


Discovering this enabled ANZ to prioritise new digital opportunities for the business and to strengthen their digital strategy. Putting the customer need ahead of technology and adopting a more consumer centric view ensured ANZ’s marketing and digital teams were developing a better digital experience for all.