McDonald's Neighbourhood

Ongoing consumer engagement community enabling conversations between brand and customers


In March 2015, McDonald’s came to One Picture with the ambition to transform the business into an exclusively consumer-insights driven organisation and to use customer truths to gain a competitive advantage in the market.


On the 5th July the McDonald’s Neighbourhood was launched, a multi-faceted online community that allowed the McDonald’s team to get closer to their customers and in turn make more consumer-centric business decisions on an ongoing basis. 45 polls, 55 surveys and countless online consumer discussions later, the McDonald’s Neighbourhood is now in it’s third year with over 4,000 Neighbourhood members and growing.


The McDonald’s Neighbourhood has been effective in driving sustained success in both the breadth of work streams for which the Neighbourhood has impacted (by expanding the research reach beyond the marketing team), as well as the extent to which the Neighbourhood has become embedded in the McDonald’s organisation (now an integral part of all key decision making). Furthermore, the McDonald’s Neighbourhood has been successful not only in providing the McDonald’s team with a greater understanding of their customers but also fostering a culture of working more collaboratively between different business teams internally. 
We will continue to work in partnership with McDonald’s to grow and evolve the Neighbourhood because “nobody can defeat you when you are all working together”

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