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At One Picture we're experts at solving a variety of marketing challenges. Here's how we tackle and crack common client challenges.

The Big Questions

Why is my brand losing relevance?

For this type of study we would choose to explore the category and unlock key values to understand how your brand is perceived against these.  After this, we would recommend certain strategies to reinvigorate the brands relevance

What can I do to innovate and grow?

NPD is arguably one of the most challenging areas in business that marketers can get involved with. Fortunately One Picture has been through this process many times before and helped numerous companies release not only the potential in their new product, but also their associated brands and people – no matter where you are in the NPD cycle, we can provide invaluable insight and strategic direction. 

How is my brand perceived and positioned in the market?

For a study of this nature we would dimensionalise the category around key consumer drivers. After this we explore where the brands in the category are positioned in relation to these drivers, which reflect both the rational and emotive dimensions of the category and brands.

How do consumers engage with and perceive my category and brands?

We have a number of different tools that shed light on consumers’ category usage and behaviour. Our preferred approach is to immerse ourselves, and our clients, in the consumer experience. We have found that the closer we get to consumers the more illuminating the insights are.

How does my brand track and perform over time?

We believe if your tracker is continually showing flat-lines then you are not asking the right questions. One of the aspects we build into every tracker is flexibility, whether it be around the types of questions asked, the frequency of questions asked, and even where questions are asked. For many clients our tracker involves an in-store component to involve real time feedback.

What is the best retail layout and design?

We can help you better design your in-store environment to help maximise foot traffic and retail space around in-store ‘hot spots’ and ultimately remove any ‘cold spots’.

How can I price more effectively around consumer trade-offs?

Every consumer purchase decision requires trade-offs. We can help you understand what those trade-offs are, to better bundle your products and services.

Am I managing my portfolio of brands to meet consumer needs and strategise the competition?

We can help you to understand how your brands are positioned in relation to market drivers, so that you can rationalise your brand communication and energies around different consumer strategies. One Picture has a broad range of expertise and skill sets, as well as experience across different categories and markets.
Listed above is just a selection of our capabilities.


  • Co-Creation Sessions
  • Online Communities
  • NPD and Innovation
  • Branding and Strategy Development
  • Ethnographic Consumer Research
  • Monitoring and Brand Health Tracking
  • Retail Traffic Flows
  • Choice Modelling
  • Database Management
  • Country Specific Market insights (e.g. Asian, European)
  • Catchment Counts and Demographic Profiling
  • CX and UX strategy, design and testing

Our In House Tools

Co-Creation Sessions

One Picture are experts at running co-creation sessions and believe these are an excellent way to immerse and engage your staff with customers. We can run these in several different formats - whether it's getting the client sitting down with a flat full of students; or a dozen clients work-shopping with 50 customers - we have a solution to get the insight you need.

Next Generation Choice Modelling

Next Generation Choice Modelling is an interactive tool to model market scenarios and market share implications. By far the most accurate method of estimating brand uptake or removal and consequent consumer choices - apart from actual test-marketing - is a statistical technique called choice modelling. Consumers are shown a number of simulated market situations. They are asked about the decisions and selections they would make and how they would purchase based on the choices presented to them.

Heat Mapping

A heat map is a visual representation of where users click on a static image, such as an image of a pack concept, in response to prompts.  It is used to record and analyse consumers’ reactions to various concepts, in a quick and dynamic way.  Respondents are given one targeted prompt at a time, and respond by leaving clicks. We can determine exactly where each click occurred, giving us more targeted results.

Triple M - Market Mix Modelling

Triple M (Market Mix Modelling) are advanced statistical techniques that isolate the variables that impact attitude and purchasing behaviour. This technique identifies and quantifies the importance of variables that make up the marketing mix and their impact on the bottom line and advertising spend.

​Perceptual Mapping

Perceptual Mapping shows your brand position relative to competitors on key brand attributes. We can use this technique to investigate what loyalists think of you compared with less loyal customers – and what we need to drive loyalty amongst these customers


One Picture Neighbourhood gives you a private, branded online space where invited members will regularly spend time interacting with you, us and each other. This community is run longitudinally  - we can even continue the community for a number of years and constantly evolve its members, like a real neighbourhood.


The NavBrand system is a framework which speaks to marketers who crave an emotive understanding of their brand that goes beyond the rational and digs deep into the subconscious. We typically believe we are ‘rational’ beings but more often than not, it is the unconscious emotive forces that influence our behaviour. NavBrand allows us to understand both the conscious, rational decision-making and unconscious, emotive drivers behind our behaviour - so we can truly understand what drives us to buy or act. 

One Picture LIVE

One Picture LIVE is an ad-hoc online research tool that allows us to facilitate in-depth qualitative research with customers. This online space provides participant anonymity, full national spread and multiple-day discussions on the issues that matter to you and your brand. This cost-effective option provides insight into the 'whys' behind everything from brand strategy to pack testing.


One Picture’s AQUAD brand commitment tool helps measure and grow your brand loyalty. It helps you understand your customers and identifies the triggers that will help you migrate them to higher stages of commitment/ loyalty - to increase the stickiness and salience of your brand


CHEW is One Picture's sensory evaluation tool. What makes CHEW different from other sensory products is it uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. This marriage provides a more holistic understanding of your product and how it meets customer needs and provides real insights into not just how consumers rate product variants but the all important ‘why’ behind their ratings. The additional colour and texture CHEW gives consumer responses has proven extremely valuable for our clients, as we are able to evaluate the product against the category and the brand perceptions.  


ArcheSTORY is One Picture's proprietary tool that understands the DNA of your brand through making sense of the stories consumers use to rationalise why they choose the brands they do.