Maintaining our brand relevance across diverse product portfolios through brand tracking


To accurately measure the performance of communications and drive portfolio growth across a range of FMCG categories – while also ensuring the heritage master brand remains relevant to both existing and emerging consumers


As a business working across multiple categories - from baked beans to frozen vegetables and canned soup - how does Wattie’s accomplish all of the following goals within a reasonable budgetary framework?

  • Firstly how can the brand robustly measure the effectiveness of advertising for different categories (for both Wattie’s and other portfolio brands)  across a range of channels, including television, digital, outdoor and print
  • Understand how the master brand is positioned and how each product category supports and drives facets of this umbrella? 
  • Are there ways we identify areas of opportunity for NPD, brand positioning and advertising?
  • And lastly can we uncover and ensure we get in front of emerging trends in population, demographic and food trends that may have long term impact on our business?


We worked with the Wattie's team to develop a bespoke tracker that underpins a continuous overarching series of ‘umbrella brand’ measures which monitors our position in the New Zealand market over time. We also from time to time build in ‘hot topics’ such as category driver research or consumer insights around current topics e.g. trends in sugar


We have a strong, long term partnership with the Wattie's team. Wattie's and One Picture have worked collaboratively over more than 5 years to develop comprehensive advertising norms directly tailored to their business. This is just one of the tools which allow us to deliver practical, strategic insights to both Wattie’s and their advertising partners for each campaign, around branding, message, tone and cut through.

We have also identified broader macro societal trends which have played a key role in steering advertising strategy and business planning

If you would like to know more about our unique and commercially sharp approach to Brand Tracking including our 'Success Benchmarks', reach out to Carl - CarlC@onepicture.com