National Inclusion Week - More diversity = more opinions, different opinions - Catherine Kamo

1 October 2020

There is diversity but we need more diversity in senior management.

“As a Māori Wāhine inclusiveness is really important to me as it makes me feel safe and confidant in who I am. It represents value to some of my points of view that might be different to others. Having a diverse team means more opinions, different opinions, a safe environment and value of all staff.”

We speak to Catherine Kamo who has been part of the One Picture family and team for 10 years. A decade of working in strategy and insights! Catherine is an integral part of our in-house recruitment team and often is the voice you will hear if you take part in any of the strategic projects we work on. As a Māori Wāhine we wanted to hear from her unique and important point of view within our team as part of our last contribution to National Inclusion Week.

What is the best thing about your career? I like being part of a positive team surrounded by clever, creative, hardworking people. I love the fact that there is room to grow if you put the work in. I like that people see One Picture as a professional place to work.

Do you feel our workplace is diverse and inclusive?
I think our workplace is diverse however it does seem that we need more diversity within the senior team. I also believe that the team is very inclusive, however if there was more diversity on a senior level then this may help with having a more balanced team overall. Also, more diversity at a senior level my help with dealing with certain clients and new business.

What do we need to work on at One Picture to make it better? More diversity within senior management.

A rallying cry for One Picture to add more diverse leaders to senior management so there is greater representation. This is particularly true across strategy and insights, agencies in the creative world. It is not simply a case of hiring different faces to achieve “diversity”. What we have learned this week is diversity is a poor proxy for inclusion, equality, belonging and opportunity. It is about recognising that diversity and inclusion enables everyone to be their full selves in the workplace; confident in sharing their ideas so they are happier, more productive and feel valued. Don’t be content with leaders who look like you. Push until you get leaders who will fight for you.  

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