When three’s not a crowd

22 February 2021

Successfully connecting clients tackling similar challenges for an insights sharing session

For some time now we’ve seen a few of our clients tackling similar challenges, or on occasion, different challenges for similar market audiences. The thing was, we saw it. But they couldn’t - because they weren’t aware there were others like them, in similar situations, with similar questions to be answered and learning to share. So, we decided to hook them up!

The format was a bit experimental. We all met at an agreed location, in this case the lovely city of Wellington. And we shared insights and ‘chewed the fat’ around a topic that was intriguing to both client organisations. It was literally ‘chewing the fat’ for our client Beef and Lamb NZ, hearing and sharing learning with Ballance Agri Nutrients. And the conversation was on Regenerative Farming and farmer’s views and projections on regen farming – a hotly debated and rapidly trending topic, but one that we have a growing insight on from a farmer, industry and end consumer perspective.

Meeting contemporaries in similar roles, in person, in these Covid lockdown times was good. But to be able to really talk a topic through and have queries answered not just by us, but by marketers who are implementing initiatives and seeing what works and what doesn’t, was hugely beneficial for us all.

It was like a small gathering of agri ecosystem players, sharing and filling in knowledge gaps together. We even agreed a consumer centric definition of regen farming is needed across the agri sector. That’s now on us to get started with and continue as a collective group!

Much was shared over lunch, along with a couple of good beers, lovely wines and world class NZ beef and lamb. Having the permission and the dedicated time to play with new topics, new ideas and see these through the eyes of other sector players was considered the most valuable outcome of the morning. We’ve all agreed to make these share sessions a regular feature on our calendars and in between times, keep each other updated on developments. The agri sector can only benefit from that.

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