Electronic Arts

Discovering market opportunities for new players coming into the gaming category


Electronic Arts is a brand that aims to inspire the world to play. With the increased time at home over the past couple of years it is unsurprising that gaming is more relevant than ever. For this particular project our aim was to understand the existing purchase journey for different player types and personas in gaming and to explore triggers and pain points when using different channels.


Engage in a multiple market study where we mapped out all the experiences players had with gaming from nostalgic, familiar and older practices to new digitally led ways to buy and play. Starting with consumer workshops and in-depth sessions, we were able to thematically characterise experiences between player types and markets, as well as identify windows of opportunity to future NPD and trade marketing. Part of the ambition is to make the existing experience better as well as progressing and evolving the wider category at large (both online and in store).


A comprehensive insights manual, outlining the different journeys consumers go on when purchasing – their attitudes, perceptions, behaviours, emotional highs and lows. In doing so, we helped to showcase different innovations possible within gaming and prioritise areas to focus on to continue to grow as a business. We also work with the EA team to develop new innovations to explore further in market.

If you would like to know more about customer journey mapping and sizing the opportunity gaps in your market, reach out to Jen at JenniferC@onepicture.com