Weleda Australia

Identifying portfolio, trade, and messaging opportunities in the Australian natural skincare market


As a global premium brand of certified natural personal care products, Weleda has a long history in Europe dating back to 1921, where it first built a strong relationship with consumers on the belief that people are part of nature. The brand has since expanded to ANZ, with a local Australian office building awareness and equity in the midst of the natural beauty revolution. 

In recent years, natural skincare competition has exploded in Australia and across the globe, with a plethora of new niche natural players, as well as Goliath multinationals adding ‘light green’ claims to their established mainstream household brands.

For Weleda, growing a premium natural brand in Australia today requires a consumer-centric strategy focused on placing hero products, in the right trade environments, with highly compelling communications. The aim is to build distinctive equity in the wider category, whilst also rationally justifying its premium market position. 

Having previously worked together on building and tracking brand equity in New Zealand, the Weleda Australia team reached out to One Picture Sydney, to identify contemporary opportunities for growth in the market and track the performance of future marketing initiatives.


To identify and prioritise actionable growth opportunities for Weleda Australia, One Picture developed a multi-category, quantitative insights programme focused on understanding the diverse needs of consumers and shoppers across face, body and baby personal care products. 

Speaking to thousands of category buyers of over one hundred different skincare brands, we established a robust picture of market composition, targeting opportunities, shopper dynamics, category and brand value drivers across different attitudinal segments, as well as deeply understanding product usage and occasions. 

Using these insights, One Picture delivered recommendations on portfolio deployment, channel and retailer expansion, and communications strategy in 2020 and beyond.


The insights programme built team spirit around the future direction of Weleda in Australia, better-aligning resources to drive the biggest growth opportunities. There is now more efficiency in decision making and action internally, using shopper insights as the foundation for discussion and focus.

Insights from One Picture have opened several doors to market, with Weleda already seeing channel results, such as opportunities in pharmacy opening for its products. The team can now focus on future channel expansion that matters; to be where the shopper is for each category.

Messaging strategy has also transitioned from inside-out to consumer-centric communication. Weleda no longer wastes time and budget in areas that do not speak directly to key category drivers and consumer needs.

If you would like to know more about our unique and commercially sharp approach to Brand Tracking, reach out to Carl - CarlC@onepicture.com