Longstanding Brand Health Tracker to maintain relevance in the supermarket category


Foodstuffs offers a wide range of different products in the different supermarket brands within their portfolio. The ability to stay at the forefront of shopper occasions is essential in the retail space, given retail is highly competitive and commoditised. The Foodstuffs team were looking for a close partnership where we could work dynamically, maximizing every opportunity with consumers to make sure their business thrived.


Foodstuffs have been longitudinally tracking with One Picture since 2013. This is a large scale holistic tracker that provides Foodstuffs with continuous, weekly feedback on their tactical and branding communications and marketing performance. The tracker is an integral part of the Foodstuffs research programme, and their insights team request insights and strategic input including our perspective. All One Picture’s trackers are bespoke. The Foodstuffs tracker is dynamic and has continuously identified branding and repositioning opportunities. We also track topical “hot” issues which evolve over time, allowing the Foodstuffs business to adapt and evolve accordingly.


The large base size of our ongoing tracker allows us to segment the database by occasion, by shopper size and loyalty, etc. We have identified core drivers of shopper behaviour across these segments, which have been widely adopted within the organisation and are used to direct marketing efforts, pricing and communications – to name a few. We continuously evaluate the conversion chain – ensuring that Foodstuffs maintains the links between quality of awareness, attitude, intent and behaviour.

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