NZ Story telling the world how New Zealand is unique


New Zealand is known for its epic Lord of the Rings’ landscapes, lots of sheep & agriculture and our closeness with Australia. As part of a comprehensive Perceptions Programme we have closely worked with New Zealand Story over the past four years to understand how to evolve perceptions of New Zealand, repositioning this fair land so that it is recognised as an innovative and progressive global business partner and more than just a place of natural beauty.


Creating the ultimate toolkit so that actionable insights from key export markets are delivered to New Zealand businesses to help them grow on an international footing. Moving beyond interesting cultural differences to a point where we can translate the impact these insights have and how best to adapt New Zealand businesses accordingly.


Visual and directional insights including reports, white papers and presentations that are available to access online to empower businesses to tell their New Zealand Story in a more compelling way. It is practical and insightful way to enable businesses to grow.

If you would like to know more about our partnership with NZ Inc and approach to brand perceptions and positioning work , reach out to Nathan, our Strategic Lead for this work -