COVID Conversations week 1

25 March 2020


We asked our One Picture Neighbourhood about how they were feeling about COVID-19; concerns and behavioural changes.

We asked our One Picture Neighbourhood about how they were feeling about COVID-19; concerns and behavioural changes.

Note: this is not nationally representative, but the voice of over 1000 NZers on our One Picture Neighbourhood.

So, who did we speak to?

Over the coming weeks we'll unpack what differences exist across these groups

And what did they tell us?

There is a high level of concern over COVID-19, but at this point we think we are unlikely to contract it…

It appears the human condition of believing that it will happen to others before ourselves is alive and well as we are less concerned about ourselves contracting COVID-19; rather, concerned that others will. 

We are most concerned about the things that are out of our control, and its impact on what we hold most dear.

Our locus of control has been turned on its head. We will see how this changes as COVID-19 starts to come closer to home. Next week we will delve into how people are trying to regain control of their lives.

People are looking to channels they know they can trust.

We are informing ourselves about COVID-19, relying most on government information releases; trusting our leadership – who is in control – in a situation where we feel so out of control, and at a time where we worry about what the implications are for our families and our livelihoods.

This has implications for governments and brands. Who we want to hear from and how we want to hear from them is changing. 

Over the coming weeks we will look into trust and how it is changing. What are the companies our Neighbourhood believe are the leading the way through this crisis and whether we are turning more to big and global or smaller and NZ owned.

...and we are getting behind those companies that are getting behind us

We are getting behind those companies providing us with essential services – that are here for us in our time of need. We are prioritising our basic needs – food, shelter & financial wellbeing, and those providing the technology to keep us informed, in touch with each other and keeping us working where we can. This also points to an opportunity for brands to build equity with their customers through this crisis, by being there and being seen to do the right thing. Ask us what you think it means for your brand.

Last week we were focusing on ourselves, our health and preparing for isolation. but as we have found, the world can shift & change fast!

Because we don’t trust others as much as we trust ourselves to isolate when needed, our world and our safety is the growing concern.  

Next week we will talk about how people are faring through this crisis; the emerging stresses and strains, and the unintended pains and gains. We will delve into what they are, how they are meeting their need to be active, feel connected and, essentially, feel human.

We’d love to hear your questions. Be part of the One Picture COVID Conversation.
Please email them to Questions are posted every Friday, with findings available EOB Wednesday. We look forward to you being part of it.

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