The biggest lie we've been told about WFH

23 April 2020


The success of WFH is often measured by productivity, but have we got it all wrong?

Our UK MD Jennifer Calvey challenges business leaders to take a different approach to managing remote teams during isolation; one focused on delivering real value.

"We are in the biggest WFH experiment and no one really chose it"

For years… decades even, employers have believed (on the whole) that working from home is not as productive. It’s always a relative term because no one really knows how productive we are, but the vision of employees, basking in the sun making coffee whilst the washing machine is on is just too much to think they are doing actual ‘work’.

We live now in ‘unprecedented times’ – times that have thrown every day practices and norms to the wind. Arguably we are in the biggest WFH experiment and no one really chose it. It has been thrust upon us. And we all now work from home.

"In many business worlds, the success of WFH is measured by productivity"

Are employees working effectively? Are we churning out substantial work and proving our value? That’s the lie. It’s that ‘classic jacket on the chair’ mentality that is prominent in corporate environments but trickles down, even into snazzy agencies and smaller businesses. It plays on our minds both as employers and employees, especially for those who are conscientious and highly intelligent. 

"The truth is, work comes in waves. It always has"

Ideas are not restricted to the 9-5pm opening hours of retail or hospitality. Businesses no longer have that clear distinction of where the work day begins and ends. The dynamics are different in COVID 19. Some days you may make strides and feel you are knocking off many tasks from your to do list. Other days are slower and more testing. But that’s ok. Every day is a new day. Instead of ‘productivity’, when it comes to business how connected are you, may be a more valuable currency? 

"Connection should be our new measure"

In fact connection should be our new measure. If you feel more connected to your team, what you are doing, your ‘why’ in these testing times of monotony and cabin fever, you tend to just do better in every aspect of your life. And that includes working. And eventually being at home.

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