National Inclusion Week - Feeling included makes me more productive - Eva Li

30 September 2020

We can't underestimate the value of feeling included and belonging in the workplace.

“Being included and having a diverse team makes my work more productive, as I know that there is always someone in the office who has a different angle to inspire me. And the diverse working environment also makes me feel I belong at One Picture and am happy to thrive in myself here!”

Eva Li has been part of the kick ass One Picture family for the last year and is part of our in house quantitative team. Today we hear more from her perspective about the value of diverse thinking and how inclusiveness means you can bring your whole self to work.


How did you get into the world of Strategy and Insights?

As I majored in Applied Mathematics, I’ve always been quite interested in playing with data. I started my consultant career from GfK China before joining the BMW strategy team where I gained a comprehensive knowledge from branding to aftersales. I have now been at One Picture for one year.

What is the best thing about your career?

I feel it’s amazing to sort out messy information from the real world into a structured strategic framework and apply it to help business growth. This is what I get to do every day as a strategist at One Picture!

Do you feel our workplace is diverse and inclusive?

Definitely Yes! It’s not only that we vary from age, gender and ethnicity but also "One Picture encourages everyone to add value to the business by beneficiating from our different backgrounds."

What do we need to work on at One Picture to make it better?

We’ve set up a series of training and sharing sessions at the office to exchange our findings, learnings and commercially sound client take outs from different projects. How about we make the sharing session to a wider topic list so that it includes more about who we are as individuals?

That’s a pretty cracking idea Eva.

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