Tourism New Zealand empowering visitors to tour New Zealand safely


With the increased numbers of international visitors driving in New Zealand, Tourism New Zealand in partnership with New Zealand Transport Agency identified the need to communicate the rules of the road to improve road safety. Visitors from countries with different driving norms and practices, especially China and India, were struggling to understand the differences of NZ roads compared to those at home. The business objective was to find compelling way to communicate these differences and encourage positive behavioural change to ultimately reduce the number of accidents.


Working with recent migrants to New Zealand from China and India, in a creative collaborative workshop format, we identified the expectations of the Highway Code. We also looked at ways to best educate and inform new users as well as discovering the core motivations that would lead visitors to proactively alter their driving behaviour. We worked closely with our Mandarin speaking strategists to ensure nothing was lost in translation. Uncovering the core needs of our visitors, we were able to tailor communication campaigns accordingly so that they would have maximum impact.


Tourism New Zealand and New Zealand Transport Agency launched a successful campaign in 2017 that notably improved the recorded number of accidents on NZ roads for the following year. A video campaign providing practical help was developed and launched in parallel with a print campaign.

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